Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! The Coastal Cupboard would be delighted to have you register with us for your special day.

We understand all that goes into planning a wedding, and our goal is to make your registry experience fun, convenient, and relaxing. Feel free to swing in, or set up an appointment where we’ll gladly walk you through our store and offer guidance in helping you choose what products best fit you as you take your time creating your registry wish list.

When Should I Register?

Generally speaking, you want to register as close to your wedding as possible, but a few weeks before any bridal showers. For most couples this equates to about two months prior to the wedding. Since the store is constantly rotating through seasonal merchandise, please check in with the store about new products.

Can a Registry Be Too Big?

This is a concern of Giving Options Vs. Looking Greedy… Customers shopping off registries actually prefer to see larger registry lists because it gives them more options. So as a rule of thumb, let your registry be a big wish list and put on everything you think you may want. After the wedding, you can easily return any duplicates or unwanted gifts and exchange for more basic items that did not get purchased.

How Do I Know What to Register For?

Where To Start… Registering can be an overwhelming process, especially for a young couple that is starting from scratch and may not have experience cooking and entertaining. That’s where we can help. When you come in to register, we will happily walk you through the basics you’ll need to set up your kitchen, and help you choose the brands and pieces that fit the way you’ll be cooking. Although the options may seem extensive at first, we’ll help break it down and walk you through each section to make sure you get your bases covered from cookware, to tabletop, and everywhere in between.

Tabletop Registry Tips… How Many of What?

Although your table may only seat 6, we always recommend registering for at least 10-12 placesettings in dinnerware, flatware, & glassware. Think of it this way: Do you want to run your dishwasher every day so you have bowls and spoons for breakfast? Also, always register for extra tabletop linens. Since the patterns and fabrics are seasonal like clothing, they are quickly discontinued, making them hard to replace if stained, or added to if you get a larger table.

Can Guests View My Registry Online?

Although you can see a complete list of couples registered with us, the bridal registries themselves are not available to view online. Guests who would like to purchase an item from a bridal registry simply need to come into the store or call in by phone, and any of the staff members will be more than happy to walk them through the registry. If they prefer, they can also receive a copy of the registry via fax or email by calling in or emailing us at

How To Register

To create a bridal registry, come into the store anytime or call ahead and make an appointment.


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